Cheesy Meatball Skillet

This cheesy meatball skillet has so many ways to be enjoyed! Pop them in a sub or mix them with pasta, or have them with some bread!

Okay. I know there’s been a huge influx of cheese-related food here lately. And I’m gonna be just as guilty about it this week. So bear with me a little while more? And for those that just can’t get enough of cheese, hooray! More cheese infused food!

Now I’ve made some meatballs way, way, way back before this blog was well known. I called them Parmesan meatballs. The problem was, whenever I made them, I always made an army of meatballs to justify the whole process. I mass produced meatballs. Oh say, about 55 or so every time I made a batch?

This cheesy meatball skillet has so many ways to be enjoyed! Pop them in a sub or mix them with pasta, or have them with some bread!

And while an army of meatballs sounds like days of delicious meals, not everyone wants so stand by the kitchen counter rolling 55 meatballs in their hands. So today I’m gonna break down the batch a little and make it more single family sized, or couple sized. And instead of giving you plain meatballs that really don’t look great all naked and stuff, I’m dressing these up with marinara sauce and cheese.

All done in one skillet, your meatball heaven awaits you. Taking cues from my Parmesan meatballs, these have dried Parmesan packed tightly in them and it really makes a difference. Now you can use these meatballs with some demi baguettes to make a sub or toss it with some freshly cooked pasta. Or just munch on them straight from the pan if that’s the way you roll. I leave the eating how…up to you. The important thing is to enjoy it!


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An easy, cheesy rich and creamy spinach and artichoke ravioli bake. Easy to make with convenience items from grocery stores!

Spinach and Artichoke Ravioli Bake

The first time I had ravioli I likened them to fluffy meaty pillows. They’re so much fun! So today we’re going to have ravioli in a pasta bake of sorts, smothered in rich, creamy Alfredo sauce and layered with a spinach and artichoke pesto mix. Oh and there’s cheese. A six Italian cheese blend of mozzarella, smoked… 

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Ready in under 30 minutes, these lemon butter chicken breasts make a good choice for an easy weeknight dinner.

Lemon Butter Chicken Breasts

Here’s a quick and easy weeknight dinner. I don’t know about you but I loooove lemon pepper, especially with fresh fish. It’s such a great flavor to add to seafood and so simple to take from zero to “Wow, this is a yummy dinner”. The good news is that it works well with chicken too. So today we… 

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An easy cheesy bacon bread appetizer for a big crowd. With creamy butter, cheddar cheese, bacon pieces and green onions!

Cheesy Bacon Bread

So how about a great starter? It’s kinda in the same vein as bloomin’ onion bread but this one uses a baguette instead of sourdough and it has bacon. Which makes everything better. I figure this one is easier to do. There’s no fancy action scenes of cross-cutting your bread for those that aren’t really all… 

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Hearty, earthy and meaty. This creamy mushroom Alfredo is a great dinner for two for pasta lovers.

Mushroom Alfredo

Hello mushroom Alfredo! Here’s yet another great idea for Valentine’s Day. Or if you’re just in the mood for some good pasta! I know it looks like beef stroganoff but I guess all pastas with mushrooms in them end up having a stroganoff look. This one’s a simple creamy sauce infused with the earthiness of mushrooms. I used… 

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Mozzarella stuffed meatball pasta for two. At half a pound each, one meatball is all you need! Complete with a gooey cheesy center.

Mozzarella Stuffed Meatball Pasta

Hey, Valentine’s Day is almost here! And by almost I mean a couple weeks from now! Since it takes awhile for my recipes to even get acknowledged by the Internets, I decided to post this way, way, way in advance so it can be found in time for Valentine’s Day recipe seekers. And I’ll be posting… 

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Add some comfort to your table with some bacon jalapeno mac and cheese. This twist on the classic is full of yum!

Bacon Jalapeno Mac and Cheese

Remember how I said awhile back that a bechamel sauce has plenty of uses? I’ve used it as a base in creamy cauliflower au gratin, a base for a chowder and as a base for chicken pot pie. And today we’ll use it for another great thing: your humble mac and cheese. It’s amazing like… 

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This baked honey lemon chicken is incredibly juicy with crispy skins you won't want to share. Flavored with a delicious honey lemon sauce.

Baked Honey Lemon Chicken

I have a love hate relationship with lemon chicken. It has to be a done a certain way before it takes. It should have some skin or a crispy battered shell. Cause if it’s just plain Jane naked chicken cubed and all with a lemon sauce, I’m not gonna be all enthusiastic about it. But… 

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20 minutes is all it takes to make this easy Alfredo sauce. With only 3 ingredients, it's easy to enjoy a rich, creamy Alfredo pasta dinner at home.

Easy Alfredo Sauce

It’s taken me two Alfredo recipes on the blog before I’ve decided to just get it over with and finally post a recipe for a basic Alfredo sauce. This is the heavy, creamy, super rich kind. A lightened up version will be coming to the blog soon. I didn’t know how to make Alfredo sauce… 

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Quick and easy honey mustard salmon baked and ready in under 30 minutes. With a delicious sauce of garlic, honey and mustard for mustard lovers!

Honey Mustard Salmon

I guess people love an easy salmon recipe. My honey garlic salmon does really well and I can’t figure out if it’s the five ingredient ease of it, or if  it’s because people just love salmon. Or maybe it’s the honey garlic sauce. It could be all three. So in the interest in being fair and assuming… 

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A simple and quick recipe for cheese and veggie chowder. Kid friendly and easy to cook with six ingredients and ready in 30 minutes.

Cheese and Veggie Chowder

More soup please! I know I posted a one pot chicken noodle soup recently. But hey, it’s soup season people! So here’s a quick cheesy soup fix for everyone. No real slicing and dicing needed since you can find bags of fresh vegetable medleys in the produce isle or if you don’t mind frozen veggies, that… 

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One pot chicken noodle soup is a quick and easy, comforting fix for a case of the sniffles. Ready in 30 minutes!

One Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

If there’s one thing you can rely on in Florida, it’s the weather being a fickle, fickle thing. It did a complete 180 from dropping temperatures in November to highs of 79 around Christmas. And yes I should be happy except for one thing. It makes people like me who joined the oh-no-it’s-cold now bandwagon… 

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A basic recipe for beef stroganoff with thick strips of steak and mushrooms smothered in a creamy, sour cream sauce.

Beef Stroganoff

So after a nice, relaxing and long overdue mini hiatus, I’m back to posting. There is one teeny tiny problem with taking a break like this though. You tend to get rusty. It suddenly takes more time to find that magic angle that makes food look great and you end up staring at a blank screen… 

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