Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Enjoy the taste of enchiladas at home with tons of cheese! Here's a chicken enchilada casserole that's super easy to make and customize.

I’m not too adventurous when we go for Mexican food. I guess it’s partially because I don’t like refried beans all that much which pretty much rules a lot of stuff out. And I like my tortilla stuffed anything to be doused with a liberal amount of cheese. Which really leaves enchiladas. Some places just give you enchiladas topped with enchilada sauce sans melted cheese on top which gets me hangry. Some places give me what I want. I wish there was a standard! All I want is some meat in a tortilla with lots of cheese on top.

Enjoy the taste of enchiladas at home with tons of cheese! Here's a chicken enchilada casserole that's super easy to make and customize.

So this is my answer to the non enchilada cheese topping dilemma. A chicken enchilada casserole with layers and layers of cheese. It has enchilada sauce, tortilla, chicken, CHEESE. Tortilla, enchilada sauce, chicken, CHEESE. Add two more layers and you’re there.


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A quick and easy way to get your eggs to go. Loaded with bacon bits, cheddar cheese and spinach!

On-The-Go Breakfast Muffins

A couple months back I made some egg nests which were really popular. People seemed to like having muffin sized breakfast bites or the idea of breakfast on the go. But for those watching their calories, hash browns aren’t too forgiving and some folks just don’t like runny eggs. So today I’ll be making a scrambled… 

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Chicken Alfredo pasta shells are decadent and delicious. These shellfredos have ricotta chicken stuffed shells swimming in a rich Alfredo sauce.

Chicken Alfredo Pasta Shells

We all love a good Alfredo pasta. Even though it’s insanely bad for you. Rich food in moderation I say. I mean my chicken alfredo pasta bake is pretty popular. So today I decided to make a stuffed pasta shell version of it. Yup, a shellfredo. It’s oh so creamy with two types of cheeses,… 

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Perfectly seared and baked chicken thighs in a honey mustard sauce with hints of rosemary make this baked honey mustard chicken a great dinner.

Baked Honey Mustard Chicken

Remember how I said awhile back that this was the best chicken in the world? Well, this comes pretty close, especially warm from the oven. I seriously want to hog them all to myself. And get this, I’m really not a fan of mustard. Not at all. The only kind I can stomach is honey mustard… 

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Lasagna soup - Lasagna takes a new form in this hearty and hot lasagna soup. With all the flavors you love in a lasagna and TONS of cheese!

Lasagna Soup

Here’s a fun soup to warm you up. I don’t know about you but I love a good lasagna. This is a deconstructed version of it which is then reconstructed into soup. I’m not normally into the deconstructed fads or foods but I really want to try this one out because a big bowl of… 

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Indulge your pasta craving with this creamy, slow cooker rich meat sauce. Cooking it low and slow brings out the best flavors!

Slow Cooker Rich Meat Sauce

Okay! So now that it’s starting to get slightly colder, I’m all about comfort food. Anything to distract myself from the chilly days (and it’s not even winter yet, arghh). So besides a nice, cozy, warm bed to look forward to and a couple of historical romance novels I can curl up to, food is… 

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Work some magic on your mashed potatoes with mashed potato puffs! These loaded potato puffs will breathe some new life into your leftover mashed potatoes!

Mashed Potato Puffs

I’m a little weird. Come Thanksgiving or Christmas, while everyone’s looking forward to turkey and stuffing, I’m looking forward to mashed potatoes and gravy. And it’s not so much the mashed potatoes themselves because I find them rather plain when they’re not drowned in gobs and gobs of gravy. It’s the gravy. I’m a gravy… 

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Celebrate the holidays with stuffing done differently. Make some stuffing muffins! These apple and onion stuffin' muffins are crunchy and full of fun!

Apple and Onion Stuffin’ Muffins

Here’s a quick way to change up your stuffing for the holidays. I’m the kind of person that’s generally indifferent towards stuffing, but I like it this way. If you love crunchy bits, you’re gonna love this. Individual portions of stuffing packed into muffin cups makes crispy stuffing an act of sharing. Every person will get… 

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Sweet potato casserole is delicious and comforting, sweet but not too decadent. With a crunchy fudge topping and festive sweet potato and coconut filling.

Sweet Potato Casserole

Two days ago I posted one of the sides my family cooks for Thanksgiving: carrot souffle. Here’s the other side I’ve learned from my mother-in-law. Sweet potato casserole really needs no introduction. It’s a brilliant side dish for family holiday dinners. Delicious and comforting, sweet but not too decadent and full of textures with the… 

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Carrot souffle makes a great side dish for any Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Enjoy some sweetened fluffy magic this holiday!

Carrot Souffle

Today is one of many recipes I’ll be posting for Thanksgiving. I may have started a little late. My timing for holiday posts is a little abysmal. But at least this year, I’ll actually get them done. Last year, I had this naive idea that I could snap a few quick shots while the whole family was… 

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Slow cooker honey garlic chicken is an easy 10 min prep then set and forget. Serve this moist, sweet and savory chicken with a side of rice and some greens.

Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken

Some time back I did a seafood version of the honey garlic flavors from crispy honey garlic chicken. It did pretty well. People seem to like the flavor combo. So today I’ve tried out a slow cooker chicken version with shredded chicken instead. This one has a slight variation to the ingredients to make it more… 

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An easy recipe for mushroom meatloaf lovers. Serve with a gravy of your choice and pair it with a side of mashed potatoes and sauteed greens.

Mushroom Meatloaf

I’ve been hearing how meatloaf is boring or how no one really likes meatloaf compared to oh, a trendy plate of meatballs. So I’ve always made it a point to make sure the meatloaves on here are never boring, or at the very least slightly unconventional from the standard ground beef, breadcrumbs, egg, some seasonings and a layer of… 

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A quick and easy way to enjoy chicken shawarma at home. Ready in under 30 minutes!

Easy Chicken Shawarma

Here’s a quick and easy recipe that will really surprise you. It all starts with the chicken. Chicken Shawarma is sorta like a vertical version of rotisserie chicken where it spins round and round until the meat is juicy and tender. Usually they carve off a bit of meat and stuff it into pita bread… 

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